Our Valentine’s Pregnancy Announcement

In case you missed it, I’m pregnant! Part of December and all of January, I was quite silent on social media. I was working a lot but mostly keeping it low key since pregnancy was a new thing to me (and a shock!).

My husband and I found out I was pregnant literally the day after Christmas! Leaving for our New Years Nashville trip in a couple of days became a little less exciting to me, but it was a wonderful Christmas gift to us.

After keeping it a secret for 12 weeks, we finally made the announcement to all our family and friends on social media and let me tell you, I was SO excited to be able to share the news. I wanted other people to know why I was so tired all the time, why I didn’t feel like doing anything (because of my nausea 24-7), and why I was being so low-key.  The first trimester was TOUGH but being able to share the news and talk about it made it so much better. I waited 12 weeks because of the whole theory that’s when you’re more in the “safe-zone” to tell people, but I honestly think if there’s a next time around, I might tell people sooner just because it’s easier with people knowing for me since my husband and I are always out and about with friends and family.

A couple we’re very close with (who happens to be pregnant as well) helped us with our pregnancy announcement photos. I was a little over 11 weeks on Valentine’s Day, so we wanted to go ahead and announce it with that theme. So $10 for a balloon, an iPhone, and a free photo editing app, we got our perfect Valentine’s Pregnancy Announcement Photos! We captioned it with “A Little More to Love this Valentine’s Day.” 

Yay, Baby Morgan due on Labor Day 2017! (How Ironic!)


What way did you announce your pregnancy?


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