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6 Must-Have Apps for Pregnancy 

Yay, you’re prego! Now, what? Download these 6 Must-Have Apps to track and monitor your baby bump and photos of it!

gallery-1470416400-the-bump-pregnancy-appThe Bump – Free app download for iOS and Android.

Usability: This app features a week-by-week pregnancy comparison guide that compares the stages of your pregnancy with a cute fruit image. Each day, the app is updated with new editorial content by the Bump Team from topics including registry must-haves to labor myths.

Favorite thing: The Bump Baby Registry lets you connect and manage all of your registries right from the app like Babies R Us, Target, Amazon and more.

gallery-1461334664-baby-bump-pregnancy-pro-appBabyBump – Free app download for iOS and Android.

Usability: This app has a little bit of everything including a countdown until baby is due, daily info about your baby and you, and a pregnancy journal to track your weight and the size of your baby bump. It even has a birth planner for you to be prepared for the big day.

Favorite thing: There is a Baby Kick counter that lets you track how often and for how long your baby kicks each day as well as a Contraction Tracker to let you track how often and far apart your contractions are.

gallery-1461333665-ovia-pregnancy-appOvia Pregnancy – Free app download for iOS and Android.

Usability: This app focuses a lot on your health with activity and nutrition tips, personalized feedback based on your age, BMI, and history as well as reminders to take your vitamins. It also gives daily updates on baby’s development.

Favorite thing: Baby’s growth can be customized in the app with a different theme to compare baby’s size such as fruits and vegetables, partisan bakery items, fun and games items or weird but-cute animals. Each week it also shows you the size of baby’s hand in comparison with the screen size of your phone.

e128a68b06d7415882bcb69ba5b24b71Baby Story – Free app download for iOS.

Usability: This app is great for customizing and personalizing photos of your growing belly and for when baby gets here. There are customizable themes and filters in the app from your growing belly and baby artwork to baby’s first moments.

Favorite thing: The Baby Fruit themes let you take cute photos of your weekly bump with fruit size comparison artwork for a cute way to journal and share baby’s growth with others.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.50.11 AM




Picture Keeper Connect – Free app download for iOS and Android.

Usability: This app works with the Picture Keeper Connect drive that plugs directly into your smartphone. This helps back up your photos, videos and contacts to protect your memories and free up space for more, knowing they’re safe and secure on the Connect drive. It also allows you to easily transfer your files back and forth from your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Favorite thing: All you have to do is click “Start Backup,” and it searches and saves your photos and videos for you. No wifi, or data needed. Get 40% OFF using code Mom17.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.50.03 AMShare-Your-Photos – Free app download for iOS and Android.

Usability: This app is perfect for all of gatherings and celebrations from your gender reveal, baby showers and big day when baby is here. All you do is create your unique event name (ex. Lilly’s Baby Shower), and share it with all of your family and friends to join the event in the app. Once they join the event, everyone can upload, share and save photos and videos from all of your events without the hassle of texting it back and forth to each other or posting it all to social media.

Favorite thing: It’s private, so those special events and moments that you just want shared with your close family and friends can be easily done in this app without any hassle. You don’t have to upload every photo and video to social media for everyone to see, but rather share it in this private album.




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