“Touchdowns or Flower Crowns?” Gender Reveal

I’m so thankful for those who celebrated with us in our “Touchdowns or Flower Crowns?” gender reveal party!

I know the thought of a gender reveal party can seem silly to some, and I totally get that. To me? I say, let’s celebrate! There’s nothing more special than celebrating life, each and every part of it. And to have our family and friends surrounding us and with us just makes it even more fun! As friends and family came through our doors, I was beyond excited for deciding to have a gender reveal party, celebrating together.


I was blessed with my sister-in-law and best friend hosting the reveal for us at our house. From the decor to the food, the “Touchdowns or Flower Crowns?” theme was a huge hit!

To me, no party can go without food, but I wanted something easy since it was a Thursday night after work! So, we opted with pizza, chicken salad sandwich sliders, fruit, and lots of dessert!


We set out color swatches for people to guess the gender they thought and give us some name suggestions. Can’t wait to put these in the baby book as most were quite funny! The majority (including myself) were thinking we were having a boy.

17240427_10210389447226968_3837559866786674771_oSo now, the moment we’d been waiting for. The sun was starting to go down, and we all headed to the backyard. Facebook live was ready to stream for family and friends who couldn’t make it, the smoke bombs were placed on the ground in front of us, and we both had a lighter in each hand. Would it be a boy or girl? As the smoke starting coming out of the smoke bomb, it looked a little grey, possibly blue? It’s a bo….GIRL!!! The smoke turned bright pink and filled the air. There were lots of laughs, excitement and shock. And with that, we couldn’t happier!

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Our gender reveal was everything we wanted and more, surrounded by people we love. Life is all about the fun you make out of it and the people you share it with!  Thank you to all who came to celebrate life with us, and thank you to my sister-in-law and friend for making the night just perfect! We’re so thankful for our family and friends for being a part of our lives and for celebrating moments like this with us.

How did you find out the gender of your baby?!


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