The Perks of Being Prego at The Same Time as Your BFF!

Pregnancy is full of emotions – ones that that make me feel grateful, uncomfortable, and excited like never before. Among all of the physical and emotional changes, you want someone to vent to, who’s been through it, who’s going through it. Luckily for me, when I found out I was pregnant my best friend was pregnant as well.


Based on my current experience, here is why being pregnant alongside your BFF is the best.

  1. You can get help on your baby registry. When I first looked at registering for items, I honestly didn’t even know where to start. Since she is 4 months ahead of me, she already had her registries created, went to her baby showers, and set up her house and baby’s nursery. So lucky for me, she helped me create my registry and take that stress off my plate (while we ate Taco Bell together, no shame).
  2. You can both enjoy social gatherings together with “mocktails.” During football season, we had some friends and family come over to our house to watch a game. Me and my prego friend both love us some cocktails (obviously pre-pregnancy), but she walked in the door with a bag full of mixers and drinks to make some delicious “mocktails” (maternity cocktails), and at that moment, I couldn’t have loved her more.  (The virgin Moscow Mule was our favorite).
  3. She’s also going through strange, less-than fun body and lifestyle changes. We both can relate to growth pains, headaches and heartburn. And dream of the day to have sushi and wine again.
  4. You have someone to vent to. Let’s face it. Sometimes you just need to vent, and it’s much easier to vent to someone who’s recently gone through it or currently is going through it who feels your pain. The prego struggle is real at times and you need your BFF to back you up on that.
  5. You can take bump photos together. I am about 4 months behind my friend, so my bump is never really “a bump” in comparison to hers. But hey, we tried.
  6. You’re closer than ever. If pregnancy discussions can’t bring you closer, I’m not sure what can. Also, our hubbies are closer too, and have each other to confide into as first time dads and the struggles of dealing with a pregnant wife (oops).
  7. You’re kids can be best friends too! She’s having a boy and I’m having a girl, and they’re only going to be about 4 months a part, so obviously they will be best friends, but more importantly, one day we can all be in-laws. (Lol – jk, but hopefully!)18222619_1286657418120409_3454746984948604643_n

My prego bestie is expecting her little one any day now, so unfortunately, she’s leaving me behind to be pregnant by myself for 4 more months. Praying for her to have a healthy and (quick) delivery for her and baby Cooper. Say a prayer for her and her family as they welcome little Coop into the world!




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