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The Nesting is Real

Pregnancy nesting: Is it a real thing?

It’s officially spring time. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and if you’re getting the urge to re-organize, re-decorate and clean your belongings…you’re not the only one.

If you’re currently expecting like me, you may wonder: Is this just spring cleaning in the air or is that whole thing about “nesting” true?

 What is pregnancy nesting?

According to old wives’ tales, expectant mothers reach the nesting stage of pregnancy in later in the second and then third trimester. This may include reorganizing your cabinets, cleaning the house, going on a Hobby Lobby re-decoration frenzy and thinking you’re the new Pinterest Queen (guilty).  The term “nest” refers to a bird’s nest, relating to mom birds prepping for the birth of their little ones by creating a cozy, safe nest.

Is nesting a real thing humans do?

Yep! According to science, there is an increase in adrenaline towards the end of your pregnancy that can boost your instinct to prep for your child. Also, you just have more energy in general, so you want to go ahead and put all that feel-good energy in to getting your home ready for baby.

This extra burst of energy and adrenaline can be helpful when getting your home ready, so take advantage of it! But be careful not to tackle projects that are too strenuous on your body – ask Dad for help on that! Sorry dads, nesting means a honey-to-do list for you!

Here are some of my favorite “nesting” projects so far:

Command Wall in the Kitchen:


Entryway Decor:


Not-So Fun Items completed:

  • Reorganized my kitchen cabinets (Got to make room for baby bottles – move over wine glasses!)
  • Donated old, and outdated clothing (Some things just aren’t mean to be worn once you’re a mom)
  • Threw out old make up and skin care (not sure why I still had silver, glitter eye liner from 6 years ago)
  • Cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen (because babies really care about those old coupons)

Items still on my list to-do:

  • Decorate Lilly’s nursery
  • Organize Lilly’s closet, dresser and changing table
  • Collage picture frame wall up the stairwell
  • Pack my hospital delivery bag

No urge to nest?

Not everyone gets into the full on nesting mode. (My husband is probably wishing I didn’t with all the holes I’ve been putting in the wall.) But seriously, don’t worry if you never got the urge to “nest”! It has nothing to do with your abilities to parent and nurture your child in the future.


Did you experience “nesting”? Share your experiences below!


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