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7 Ways to Build Your Girl Boss Empire

This week, I have something special on the blog! Welcome, guest blogger, Cait’s Cozy Corner. Cait is a life and style blogger, a Mom and a wife. She loves anything related to coffee, shopping, reading and traveling! So of course, we hit it off right away. She’s giving us the 4-1-1 on 7 Ways to Build Your Girl Boss Empire!

7 Ways To Build Your Girl Boss Empire

Hey girl boss! That’s right I’m talking to you! Yes you! Don’t think of considering yourself a girl boss? C’mon now! We all dream about working for ourselves- to not have to go into that 8-5 job and can just sit around in pajamas all day eating ice cream and watching reruns of our favorite show. Oh wait, who has that job? Not me that’s for sure but I can dream. And dream you should girl!


Even if you haven’t been blogging for as long as I have ( woah 7 years ! ) and still aren’t working for yourself, you can still make huge changes to the growth of your blog by these easy 7 steps! That’s right! I’m going to share with you how to build that girl boss empire you’ve pining for and some of these steps you may be doing already! Let’s dive in shall we?

  1. Start A Blog – That seems pretty straightforward right? I honestly would have gotten to experience so much had I not started my own! From huge and small campaigns, to networking, traveling and working with various companies all around the world; blogging has given me the opportunity to do so much! Unsure if you want to start your own blog? I understand the hesitation because I felt the same way however sometimes leaping is the best thing you’ve ever done! Just remember- stay authentic to you! It’s your blog so you can do pretty much whatever you want to do with it!

  1. Create Goals – Your blog isn’t anything without you behind it. Set attainable goals for yourself today. Then start seeing the bigger picture and start goals for the next week, the next month and even the end of the year! Reward yourself for getting them accomplished and keep thinking of bigger and better things to reach your target audience.

  1. Support System – When you’re just starting off, your support system is people you know in real life; your parents, friends, co-workers, spouse/partner. But how do you reach others to grab your blogging tribe? Keep networking, communicating and reaching out to those bloggers you love! Share that connection with personal goals that are met! They’ll become your biggest supporters, cheering you on to that victory line! I’m honestly nothing without my blogging tribe that’s for sure and I know you can find yours too! Try looking at Facebook Groups, Pinterest or Instagram Pods! There are so many ways to connect either by your blogging niche or even by where you live!

Image: RankCrew

  1. Be Proud Of Your Blog – One way to help your blog grow is by reaching out to Dan Aton of RankCrew. Depending on how far along your website is, he can help guide you to it’s full potential by purchasing one of three packages they offer. Dan offers years of experience along with his highly skilled and friendly team encouraging and assisting you every step of the way. They know the ins and outs of each link type to keep your website continuously reaching it’s full potential. Be proud! You’re in good hands with RankCrew.

  1. Books – I know I know. Many of you are shaking your head because who reads anymore? Duh this girl– but that’s me! I’m telling you not everything wonderful is on the Internet so grab your favorite book that inspires or motivates you and brush up on it! “Girl Boss” by Sophia Amoruso is a novel I love to read over and over again. Any success story is what keeps my creativity in gear. If they can do it, so can you! What are some of your favorites to read?

  1. Comment/Network – When I first began blogging I followed only a few bloggers that I just loved. I would get up every morning and turn the computer on to find out what they were doing that day. Their content would be either funny or somehow pull me in. Suddenly I began commenting on their blog and they would answer! ( always do this ) ! To this day some of those bloggers are still in contact with me! Connecting and networking with your audience is so key to helping build your blog girl boss! They want to know that you’re reaching out them and that they matter!

  1. Know Your Worth – If there is one thing I’ve learned from building my blog it’s knowing that nothing is really free. Don’t do anything for free! You’re worth is so much more especially if you’re putting in a lot of time and effort either into a campaign, a blog post or running errands for your blog. Your time should be well invested and the outcome should be worth it. Keep after it!

There are, I’m sure, a few more ways to keep building your empire and I’d love to hear what they are from your own personal experiences! What questions or concerns do you have on becoming your own Girl Boss and how can you address and answer those with your audience? Remember, stick to what you love, how you can help your audience and being authentically you! You got this Girl Boss!

Thanks Cait! 


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