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Currently residing in the Greater Atlanta Area in Georgia.  A self-taught blogger, entrepreneur and digital marketer with a background in marketing. Director of Marketing & Sales for Picture Keeper. Wife to her college sweetheart. Mom to a fur baby, a Porkie (Pomeranian-Yorkie), Kovu. Mommy-to-be to their first child, Lilly. Coffee-lover and wine drinker. Tries to live a healthy, active lifestyle but loves some ice cream (at any time). Mermaid obsessed and Disney enthusiast. Craves sunshine, Vitamin Sea and the next adventure. Loves music and jam bands. Supportive of local companies and people following their dreams.

This lifestyle mommy blog was created in 2017 as a personal diary for me when I found out I was expecting our first child, Lilly. I want to be able to inspire others as I blog through the daily adventures of working in the corporate world, being a wife, a mom-to-be, and then a mom! I want to showcase my love for simplicity when it comes to organizing, style, health and more. I hope to evolve this blog in to so much more! My goal is to create a community of every day mom-life where we can all connect and share our every day memories, achievements, tips and maybe even frustrating moments.
Thank you!